The "Inhabitants" sculptures by Martian Tabakov were photographed by the +359 Gallery team at several sites developed under the Operational Program "Environment 2014-2020". These sites are often located on the outskirts of populated areas or remain hidden below the surface of our daily lives and the surrounding infrastructure. Despite their obscurity, they hold great importance to our existence as a society that is concerned with its future and bears responsibility for the environmental footprint it leaves for future generations.

Discover contemporary art with GTC

We envision a dynamic collaboration between GTC and “To collect contemporary art” platform to host contemporary art event that celebrate creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange.

The event will showcase a curated selection of artworks by emerging and established Bulgarian and international artists, representing diverse artistic disciplines and perspectives in the sleek and modern setting of the common areas at the Advance Business Center.


Similar to how St. Oswald Golf Course is embedded in the natural form of the area, we aim to blend the nature, the game and the contemporary art in a new type of event.

That’s why we selected more than ten artists with their unique artworks, suitable for outdoor display, transforming the ordinary game experience into an exciting art event. Expected to run until the end of September 2022, the exhibition is a perfect complement to golf and also an excellent alternative activity for families looking to spend a few hours away from home.

"To collect contemporary art"

- a journey into the future where everything is still possible

Collection Vladimir Iliev
Curators: Ivo Milev, Boryana Valchanova
Exhibition in National Gallery "The Palace"
22/04/2021 - 29/08/2021

"For the collector of 'old' art, most choices have already been made. For the collector of contemporary art, they are ahead, they are his - difficult, problematic, sometimes false or wrong. He is a traveler into the future, where everything is still only possible.


Collection of Vladimir Iliev and Alexander Toshev | Exhibition in National Gallery SQUARE 500
7/11/2019 - 8/03/2020

The unique presence of Lika Yanko (1928–2001) on the Bulgarian art scene was marked by one of her few public exhibitions, censored and closed in 1967. The reason was a number of artworks ‘not meeting the requirements’. However, this trauma did not prevent the artist, in the years to come, from tenaciously building her own childishly spontaneous and biblically wise world of images and forms. Lika Yanko is best known as a painter who went beyond the conventional concepts of expressive means through collaging various ‘accidentally’ found materials, through interweaving the abstract and figurative, and through constructing forms of almost only one colour—white.

Telelink Contemporary Art Awards

In 2019, Telelink, partnering with Gallery +359, launched a Contemporary Art Contest aimed at technology and Internet businesses. It funded new works by contemporary artists and initiated a corporate collection. The contest had two parts: established artists invited by Gallery +359, and young authors proposed by professors or festival organizers abroad.

The starting point for projects in the Telelink contest is through the corporate focus of activity that is synthesized in its logo, to discuss patterns of perception that our modern world sets.